Mid Goulter Hut? Is that all?

Not much in the way of walking today, at around the two hour effort. And not much effort either, they bring quad bikes through here.

Indeed I was up early again, no decent radio reception.

Instead, I’m going through a productive creative period. I sat in the forest for a while. It’s a clear sky, no wind and cranked out some words.

By the time reach this lovely hut, frankly my favourite since Morgan, I had decided to stay. There’s plenty of light inside with those windows. Last night I was almost over run by mice. They don’t appear to have access to this interior at Mid Goulter. I might end up setting a mousetrap later on if they really start making a racket.

The major thing today is finding a route guide on an alternative to the direct route to the Pelorus, or the cutting back to the full Mt Starveall experience, instead doing a full ridge run over the tops via Mt Fishtail and popping out at Canvastown.

The good weather may last for a few more days, I think I might deserve it, if not I can just drop down from Mt Fell. That’s the new thought, of course significantly more challenging, and then it doesn’t matter so much if I just walk back home once I reach the end, not retracing the same route exactly.

I’ve sufficient food aboard to keep me fuelled up, in fact I decided to have a huge scoff up for lunch right now.

Later I realise I have a few more day’s exercise ahead than I had thought and maybe I should have moved on to Lake Chalice, but frankly I needed the head space, as they used to say. My mind is racing currently, both life and love churning away. Sometimes it’s good to be stationary for a while to let the thoughts settle.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Mid Goulter Hut

pick of the huts in the vicinity  | Mid Goulter Hut, Mt Richmond Forest Park
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