That cricket was exciting and I had a major task of calming my heart and getting to sleep. The semi-final was a topsy-turvy affair, New Zealand on top early, a South African fight back, rain, a huge total required, a superb start, a New Zealand collapse, a fight back, more wickets lost, South Africa dominating, then a second last ball win with a massive hit.

The country is euphoric, and exhausted.

So am I.

But, as stated, sleep was sporadic, I was in the Havelock camping ground, catching up with major calorific intake and standard hygiene issues, but my tent had a mussel processing facility nearby and a huge compressor started and stopped at regular intervals, noisy revellers, a lot of car horns heard, trucks reversing, it did go on, as well as a few orange floodlights nearby, might as well have been daylight.

Give me pungas and wekas any time.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Davies Bay campsite

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