Late start, I didn’t even wake up until right on 7 am, which is late when your primary residence is a tent.

Didn’t get away until just on 9 am, I enjoyed some time drinking coffee looking at the lake and general mooching, I guess I must have felt tired.

First up there was 14 km of gravel road, decent views of Lake Tekapo at times, disturbed by the big 4WD trucks roaring up, producing clouds of dust, stones flicking around.

Then 16 km cross-country, starting with a climb away from the lake, once some elevation was gained the track turned parallel with the lake but now with significant views, including looking all the way back to Ben Ohau, the mountain on the corner of Lake Ohau, and also a view across to where I been walking yesterday, the Telephone Hut was too far away to distinguish but the long shelter belt adjacent stood out.

Eventually, later in the afternoon, there was a steep walk down to cross the creek, I stopped at the junction of Camp Creek to set up camp. Somehow I felt I’d had sufficient fraternisation with humanity since I reached Lake Ohau, some time with my own company was required. I’d probably be camped anyway if there was anyone in residence at the hut and this is a pleasant location with the hills all around.

It’s been a glorious day, quite the turnaround from yesterday and the day before.

I’ll sleep well again tonight, that’s 60 km cranked out in the last 36 hours.

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