Still Lake Pukaki?

That doesn’t sound like a whole day’s walking. Particularly when near the conclusion of today’s exercise I looked back and could pick out the small area forest where I spent last night.

In my defence there was a fair level of wiggly woggliness, in and out of bays and as the day progressed it was more of a smash into the wind that was scooting down the lake. It’s gotta be around 30km.

I left before most of the 30 or so campervans had roused themselves, not missing out on the setting full moon over the lake or a decent cooked brekkie, love that porridge and coffee. After that it was somewhat of a trudge, the track while close to Highway 8 is along a separate bike path, the Alps to Sea Cycleway that starts near Mount Cook and heads, well, to the Pacific somewhere.

Only met the two TA walkers today, we swapped info, they had been walking by themselves for a while, a few days behind that chunk I met a few days ago.

The wind was really up when, late in the day, I reached the signpost saying Tekapo 26km, that’s the start of a 500m climb that will be on the itinerary for tomorrow. I found a clump of macrocarpa trees and put up the tent, I’m hoping the wind dissipates soon with the sun going down, apparently there are two big lows dragging cold air up from near Antarctica.

Day 4 of these big chilly winds, I’m getting over it all.

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