Abel Tasman blog | Easter 2017

The weather forecast is not poor for the pre-Easter, it’s distinctly horrible.

My plan to climb Mt Richmond, now an annual event, will have to be postponed. I would have to settle into some less energetic pursuits.

By Good Friday it was clear the worst was over, Saturday was looking good, Sunday okay, but after that fine weather was predicted. Maybe I could slip away after all.

As it turned out it was Sunday morning before I jumped on the $20 bus to take me to Marahau.

My fallback trip was up the little used Inland Track in Abel Tasman National Park. With all this bad weather around I should have the place to myself. Who else wants to venture out when the weather has been so so bad?

This is how it went . . .

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Day 1 | Up to Castle Rock Hut

arriving at Castle Rock Hut. | Abel Tasman Inland Track, Easter 2017

The drizzle had almost stopped when I set off. It’s not as bad walking in rain as you might imagine, well, that’s my theory.

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Day 2 | Across to Awapoto Hut

The track around 1000 m on the way to Awapoto Hut. Nice. | Abel Tasman Inland Track, Easter 2017

With my group contribution done, wood chopping and fire lighting, and being well fed and watered I slid into my sleeping bag on the mattress I dragged outside.

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Day 3 | Back to Castle Rock Hut

The Team camped outside Awapoto Hut. | Abel Tasman Inland Track, Easter 2017

Lots of “Bye!! Graeme!!” as I strode off into the mist. I’d been hanging out with the school bunch on and off for about 42 hours, and as is usual with travellers, we had come know each other to some degree.

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Day 4 | Back home in Nelson

Looking down to Anchorage, and across to D'Urville Island.  | Abel Tasman Inland Track, Easter 2017

A weka let out a prolonged squawk that was answered by an enthusiastic outburst from a robin. Perhaps they were also excited by the lifting of the gloom.