It was still raining in the morning, seemed cool, and to tell the truth, those clothes weren’t fully dried out when it was time to depart.

Ingo is staying another night, threatening to chop wood all day as I make my escape.

Not much to be said, the track through the forest is wonderful, a few windfalls to negotiate, it’s mountain beech territory now, probably called hard beach or Southland beech here, the moss iridescent when wet, which I can assure you it was.

When I made it to the first swing bridge there was a major surprise, snow down to less than 1000m. Rain still coming down, it stopped half an hour before I finished the day.

I switched to the road thinking there were more grasslands to traverse but apparently the track stays in the forest mostly. The road went into the forest around the south for a lake, beautiful forest, a few camping sites in an official DOC area, car campers, no cars apparent but they were at the North Mavora Lake a few k further, maybe 30 cars, caravans, horse floats, and about 12 boats.

I went straight on, around the north lake to the hut, the rain still coming down, camera stashed away. There’s a 4WD track around the edge of the lake that walkers share. No traffic today, but in the way 4WD drivers often do, they leave a mark, a wealth of holes all filled with water, the creek crossings similarly smashed up.

Actually, there was some traffic, early on a well-kitted out long-distance bike tourer, nationality not discernible, in from Walter Peak Station, ie, boat across Lake Wakatipu, heading for Te Anau and walking the Milford track tomorrow.

Later a couple of cheery French guys, on the same route, no Milford for them, on 29ers, the bikes bought in a supermarket, belongings lashed with string and sticky tape to a feeble carrier, waterproofing achieved by plastic bags, joking and laughing, and having the adventure of their lives.


Well, I’m still in our spirits on my own Little Adventure, even if on the damp side and with feet that make themselves known prior to boots being donned in the morning.

Any worries?

No, of course not. How could you out here?

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Careys Hut

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