Mt Fell and the Pelorus Valley blog | Easter 2016

Easter is the last long weekend for a while and it kinda marks the end of summer.

All too soon daylight savings ends and it seems, well, not summer. Better make the most of those few days off.

One of the joys of Nelson is the proximity of three national parks: Abel Tasman, Kahurangi and Nelson Lakes.

But there’s also the Mount Richmond Forest Park which is within easy walking distance from town.

Mount Fell might only be 1602 m but it has its moments.

Here is my story . . .

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Day 1 | Rocks Hut, Mt Richmond Forest Park

Thatza where I'm going. Mt Richmond on the right, Mt Fell somewhat obscured. | Mt Fell, Easter 2016

In the end I set off with a few possibilities and no real conviction as to the actual route.

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Day 2 | Just over to Roebuck, Mt Richmond Forest Park

Almost to Roebuck Hut, just two swing bridges to avoid getting my feet wet. | Mt Fell, Easter 2016

Nothing like sitting around drinking coffee for the morning, chatting away with K.

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Day 3 | A big one up to Mt Fell Hut, Mt Richmond Forest Park

Tasman Bay from the top of Mt Fell, just as the sun is setting. | Mt Fell, Easter 2016

North Peak, Point 1496, is still a thrill, first the steep climb through the mountain beech forest then out in the fresh air on The Chain, trying not to concentrate on the long way down, although there is little chance of falling.

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Day 4 | Back down the hill to Middy Creek Hut, Mt Richmond Forest Park

Yeah, part of The Chain on Point 1496. Ain't no big thing, much. | Mt Fell, Easter 2016

Man, after yesterday’s 2000+ m climbing there wasn’t much spring in my step.

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Day 5 | Home sweet home, Nelson, yay!

Another day, another swing bridge. The Pelorus. The only way is up. | Mt Fell, Easter 2016

The top of Point 1496 and Mount Fell both look ridiculously gnarly. I can’t believe I was up there just 24 hours ago.