Inland Route, Abel Tasman | March 2014

After a goodly period of Nelson summer weather, ie, highs at mid-20ºs levels, not so much wind, there is a cool snap, 1 in 100-year floods in Christchurch, and I think that summer is drawing to a close. Actually, being already March, summer is officially over, but we all know the best weather in the South Island is inevitably March and April.

I’m suffering cabin fever, and a short break, zipping through the less frequented upper levels of Abel Tasman National Park, called the Inland Track, might be a good option for my mental health. It’s busy enough to access these days.

The bus is $20 from Nelson to the Marahau leaping off point, loads at 7 45 am, so I get a full day, more or less, to wander to the first hut, though, up the hill.

So, get out there.

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Day 1 | Castle Rocks hut, and even some phone reception

Inland Track, Abel Tasman National Park

Stove? Don’t need one.

Still, if that’s the worst of my problems I’m going okay.

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Day 2 | Awapoto Hut, on my lonesome again

Inland Track, Abel Tasman National Park

So, just one of those joyous early autumn days, cloudless, not quite cool, no wind, attractive bush, easy enough walking, exactly what you hope for when planning a trip.

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Day 3 | Takaka, for a big Saturday night out in civilisation

Wainui Inlet, Inland Track, Abel Tasman National Park

The company: also perfect, ie, no one else around, they are all flocking on the Coastal Track, not many go Inland, getting that aerial perspective.