Indecision in the morning, I couldn’t work out whether to head into the Nina Valley and zip over the tops to the Lewis Pass, the hard version, or just hitch directly up to the Lewis Pass.

It was gloomy morning, not well suited to tops travel but it might clear. Always the optimist.

I made a start for the Nina, walking up the highway, hitching, mostly thinking Lucretia Stream, but the downside of my GPS became apparent, the screen too small to work out exactly what was the route to take, how far it might be.

After an hour or so I made it to the Nina valley turn off, no decent map, the weather no better, I thought I’d just stand and try hitching for now.

Almost immediately a Maori guy stopped and gave me a lift for the 10 km up to the pass. Where was he when I want to go to Nelson last March after walking for 22 days and spending six hours at the side of the road before a German tourist pick me up? Sometimes when I don’t want much of a ride, like today, I find someone happy to take me through to Nelson.

Then it was the walk up to Ada Pass Hut, this is the third time along Cannibal Gorge in 18 months, lucky its easy walking and after my travels I can put it in some perspective, it really is great forest.

The weather didn’t change much during the day, even now just before dark it feels quite gloomy. From Ada Pass Hut there is a good view up the steep valley towards 3 Tarn Pass.

I remember something from the time I went over in my youth, it wasn’t climb to the pass that was so hard, although there is plenty of speargrass around, it was the much longer trudge down the other side to Bobs Hut that seemed to drag on. I think it was a decent effort of the day back then, eight hours or so.

With the additional 10 kg loaded in Boyle last night, I felt somewhat listless today. I’ve now managed to lose two nights’ of food so maybe it’s down to 8 kg now.

I’d better perk up in the morning, an early start essential.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Ada Pass Hut

Ada Pass Hut, St James Walkway
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