Ada Pass Hut | St James Conservation Area

Ada Pass Hut is nestled in the forest, in a sunny spot, that’s if there’s any sun about, with a splendid view up the west branch of the Mariua River, more a stream here.

That’s also the start of the Three Tarns Pass route over to Bobs Hut in the West Branch Matakitaki River valley.

If the rainwater tank is low, there’s always the small creek not so far away.

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category . . . serviced hut

hut fee . . . Adult (18+ years): $25 per night
Child/youth (5–17 years): $12.50 per night
Infant (0–4 years): free

Before you go, buy 1 Serviced Hut Ticket (green) or 1 Serviced Youth Hut Tickets (red) for each night’s stay. Put these in the honesty box at the hut.

A backcountry hut pass can be used.

bunks . . . 14 mattresses. Each of the two areas has two sleeping platforms.

built . . . 1980s

heating . . . firebox, firewood supplied

water . . . tap above outside sink from rainwater tank

toilet . . . long drop

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