Bed with sheets. Hot water shower.

Nevertheless, I didn’t overly indulge in the benefits of civilisation.

Sorting out those tyres was imperative, because I didn’t need to spend another two nights waiting for Monday to happen.


I took the option of stopping in at Bivouac to get a replacement pack buckle for the one I’ve broke at some stage. Mission accomplished, at a cost of $6.99.

Lake Coleridge, here I come!!

Actually, this diversion wasn’t much of a problem after all, the only particular issue was the excessive expenditure involved.

It took a while to leave town, and I did a cross-country to get to Lake Coleridge Village with lunch on the way. Then I took a wrong turn that gave impressive views of the Rakaia River.

I still haven’t sorted my future for the next few days.

It was late afternoon of the time I was at the Harper River Bridge, and it was obvious I should stay at the free campground and get ready to start walking in the morning.

A Te Araroa tramper was offered a lift on the road, but he refused. At the camp another two Te Araroa trampers eventuated, so that brought back some cheery memories.

No sheets for the night as I slid into my sleeping bag once again.

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