These are the days you dream of having.

Waking early, still dark, and making a modest breakfast.

Tidy up, and for once not carrying a pack as I moved up the valley to visit Erceg Hut.

It’s super picturesque, with jagged peaks aplenty, and remnant glaciers all close at hand.

The first section was easy as a four-wheel-drive track made it to the first major washout at the end of the huge clearing. Then it was down to the river, and walking alongside, mostly for the remainder of the way up.

A short section had huge boulders hanging precariously out of a very unstable looking cliff. Plenty of evidence of the effect of gravity at the bottom, but for some reason the easiest path was immediately adjacent to the cliff. At some stage, the whole lot will come down, but there was little reason that today would be the day of reckoning.

Past that the valley narrowed and the boulder hopping became a decent physical workout, even without my pack.

Of course, the river was much steeper, and had a milky appearance, certainly not clear, due to the work of the Robinson Glacier still some way further up.

Actually, I made it as far as the little stream near the hut, and turned off up the stream and the steep bank to get to the flat area where Erceg Hut is located. Not so easy to find. A splendid spot, and a neat little four-bunk hut, more compact than my previous accommodation. Maybe as it did not have room for heating.

Perfect for lunch while I perused the hut book that went back to 1993. Also a Wilderness mag from 1997.

With daylight saving now finished, I’m finding it hard to get my head around the time when darkness will fall, particularly in these valleys, so after an hour of daydreaming, I realised it was time to make tracks back down the valley.

Lovely light on parts of the hills, but it looked like it was clouding in. Maybe these perfect autumn tramping days aren’t going to last.

So, a great tramping day.

My body has noticed the efforts and should sleep well tonight.

Meanwhile, a sick sounding stag is attempting to roar, but it isn’t yet in full voice. Just up the hill from the hut, but I’m not going to pay it a visit.

My day is just about done.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Dodger Hut

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