Not a cloud when I woke, so the option of clambering back up to the hill to Brass Monkey Bivvymade some sense.

I can sit out Monday’s rain at Lake Christabel Hut, but then the rivers need to go down, and the fact there are three bridges all over the Robinson River proved decisive. I was thinking that the lack of bridges in the Doubtless Valley might cause a major issue. You have to cross the river twice.

For some reason, maybe being deep in a valley, I was late waking. I guess I must’ve been tired so I didn’t leave until just before 10 am.

Don’t know. I think I’ve made the right decision: Lake Christabel it is!

Having come down most of the track marked and cut by an amateur track cutting enthusiast, James Broadbent. I have discovered he was responsible for the track from the Lucretia hut book. It was comforting to know I could use it to go back up the valley. He has also cut and marked a route up to the main ridge in the direction I was heading, so I didn’t need to retrace my path up to the two tarns.

I had been looking at a possible route yesterday, the ridge or the adjacent creek both looked plausible, so it was good to find a steep but useful marked track to join to the standard Lewis Tops route along the main ridge.

I took my time, my limbs were still weary, must be the heavy pack I’m lugging with all the food for two weeks.

A few clouds appeared after 11 am but it was all fairly settled looking. Plenty of wind when I made it onto the main ridge, but I had whacked my raincoat on, which while not being really useful in the rain department does still seem to work with the wind. With the sun out I just had my wool singlet and long-sleeved shirt underneath.

This was in major contrast to yesterday with the wind and mist when I failed to remove any of my long wool singlet, thin long-sleeved shirt, warm hoodie, softshell jacket, with raincoat over, or either of my two beanies.

Today I had my Lawrence of Arabia hat, and a dollop of sunscreen on my nose and face. Wind burned for sure.

From Point 1602 it was downhill, I could see the bivvy down below, next to a couple of tarns on the saddle.

Up there it’s hard not to think this area should be a national park, but I guess the hunters would object, this area immediately west of the highway is reserved for recreational shooters. Helicopter shooting not allowed.

With the wind, and early finish around 3 pm, I could dry my tent and wet socks.

Plenty of climbing during the day, I should sleep well again tonight.

I’m hoping the weather will be okay for my dash to Lake Christabel Hut before that 50 mm of rain predicted for the following day.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Brass Monkey Bivvy

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