Walking was the least aspect of the day. I decided to have a short walk just to finish what I should have done yesterday.

That meant I had the whole morning to do not a lot.

I said farewell to the other hut occupants as they enthusiastically donned their boots, their order of departure indicative of how far, or energetic they felt.

Had the early morning philosophy session with the French couple first, the Canadians were more interested in the mechanics of the next few days, but the German guy was a deep thinker who wanted to explore his ideas.

What else would I be doing?

Eventually I was on my own. Time for washing both clothes and body, a shove, drying my tent, etc. I found things to do until the first visitors arrived for lunch, a German couple who were fun, then a couple of French guys. Sometime after lunch I was finally ready and took off.

The track was much easier to follow thanks to the additional foot traffic from even two years ago. More markers have been added by DOC.

But still the crazy route across the big dusty slip, quite a slope, no hand grabbing items, and a 15 m sheer drop just a metre from the route. The route needs to be recut in the forest on the other side of the stream, which happens to be undercutting the slip.

At the hut were two young Kiwis, the first seen for some time. Great to be able to speak without needing an explanation of words or ideas.

Then the others arrived, an American couple, the two French blokes, so that made for a cosy night hut for the night.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Hunters Hut

Hunters Hut, Alpine Route, Mt Richmond Forest Park
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