Thin, if not gaunt rain in the night. Surprisingly the waterfalls weren’t up in the morning.

It’s drizzle of the very wetting kind, but clearly not the huge droplet type.

I had managed to get up to the hut while the waterfalls were in full operation, they later came into major production, but the flow is certainly less than what I was able to get through.

I’m sick of the wetness, though. It’s rained every day since I left home, now two weeks ago. No drought on The Coast.

Sitting in Grassy Flat Hut until I have a clear day to get out far the Newton Range tops and Mount Brown Hut seems sensible. Staircase Stream, and the smashed up creeks at the bottom of the Arahura River don’t appeal in the wet.

In the end it was after 2 pm when I left. Somehow I managed to avoid most of the raindrops while retracing my steps. Some evocative views of cloud fringed ridges. It sure is inspiring territory.

My third crossing of Styx Saddle.

No rain until after I reach the hut, when it came down heavily once again. A strong easterly was blowing down the valley.

Man. It has to be a reasonable morning for the Mount Brown dash. But it doesn’t look like that currently with the hut being lashed by rain.

On the other hand, the fire gives a cosy feeling.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Grassy Flats Hut

Grassy Flat Hut is located right by one branch of the river. | Grassy Flat Hut, Styx River, West Coast
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