Climb another hill day, without much success.

I had pretty much a similar start as yesterday, weatherwise. It looked a typical West Coast sky, ie, plenty of cloud around, but not exactly menacing.

Today was supposed to be no rain according to my week-old forecast.

Yesterday I climbed up to the range to the north.

Today was to the south. No pack required.

Yesterday, once I got to the start of the climb, yeah, that was an unrelenting uphill clamber. I made elevation quickly.

Today, it was a gentle rise through some forest, with the odd massive rata. The trail through the forest was, however, well marked.

Then I hit the stream that served as a track. Steeper, and hit by flood damage twice this year. Detritus and scouring was an impediment to progress. Plus the slimy mossy rocks that served as occasional track. Basically you just scrabble your way up the creek according to the path of least resistance.

Dunno, when I was hit by ten minutes of solid rain, feet already soaked, it looked like the weather was repeating yesterday’s. The cloud shrouded the hills down to 800 m.

Super gloomy.

No surprise I bailed, and scurried home.

Yesterday was just climbing. Today was greasy underfoot, and frankly I became sick of all that rock hopping.

So, no Browning Range Bivvy visit.

I was happy spending the afternoon resting my body, and trying to dry out my clothes. But, as it turned out, that was the last rain, and the cloud lifted. I should have persisted.

Fortunately I had been able to supplement my diet with some venison kindly gifted by Eigle. Seemed I was back to being a carnivore when I became the recipient of an entire yearling backsteak, rather than a lump of offal. Helped that a frying pan was available to quickly singe the slivers I sliced up with my Swiss Army knife.

I confess: a high degree of yumm!!

Time was spent repackaging my rations for the next week or so, gaining a few extra days in the hills. Another eight days was possible from what I was still carrying.

I know, I’m not making much progress.

No hurry to return to civilisation yet. Harman Hut tomorrow.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Grassy Flats Hut

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