Just going to Harman Hut, so no hurry.

I didn’t leave until 10 am, and strangely, a guy was on the swingbridge right near the hut.

It was Ken. He had left around 6 am, and he worked his way to Staircase Creek. Wondering how he was going to get his dog across, he decided to turn back. He would try tomorrow, when the creek should be down. He was going to take a length of rope as a lead for his well-trained dog. Well, except for the licking business.

I suggested it might be harder going his way. It is generally easier climbing into something, than going down. You can see where your feet should be, and where the handholds are.

I had a strategy worked out for my return, but it would be better if the volume of water was turned down. Remarkably, the last rain was four days ago, and the creek was still pumping.

One of the impediments to rapid progress on an otherwise reasonable track was an avalanche chute, where each side of the recently piled round boulders needed to be negotiated. Severe danger of pulling a truckload of unstable rock down on your head.

I made my slow way to the Harman/Grassy Flat track junction. As I approached I considered my options.

Two nights at Grassy Flat, then I could have an open-ended muck around at Harman.

Wait out any rain, or if that failed to eventuate, I could go over Browning Pass/Noti Raureki to Park Morpeth Hut on the Canterbury side. Down the Wilberforce River.

So, I turned off to Grassy Flat, needing a short climb over Styx Saddle. The sun was still shining. Maybe the rain wouldn’t eventuate.

Eigle, another stoat trapper, was finishing his work, and was heading out tomorrow.

Another evening with plenty to discuss.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Grassy Flats Hut

Grassy Flat Hut is located right by one branch of the river. | Grassy Flat Hut, Styx River, West Coast
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