Weather forecast? My little transistor radio gave me a warning.

Bleak. A major storm to hit. 100 to 150 mm of rain arriving at 1 pm.

However, in the morning it was surprisingly clear, I could see down to the Milltown road bridge. I could almost make out my car, if I used my imagination.

There was no way I could get to Mount Brown Hut by lunchtime, so I decided to stay the day.

Two things in my favour: a big book to read; and, still two days of rations.

Oh, and that bonus: I can cope with being shut up in confined circumstances for a day.

Showers started before 1 pm, but by then it was clear I’d made a sensible decision. The ridge is super exposed to the weather, was both windy, and wet. The rain pelted in, and I was tucked in my sleeping bag.

Every now and then the wind/rain/sleet combo would die down a bit, then after a short lull it was back with the full orchestration. No fun being out in that.

The day passed. I ate food at the appropriate times.

By 7 pm I’d had sufficient for the day, and already in the prone position had a nap.

While I was dozing, a thunderstorm started doing its full thing. Maybe 50 lightning flashes and accompanying timpani. Hail. Big chunky hail. Rain with huge drops.


The door swung open, and rain lashed in.

For some reason I found the door hard to close. Man, I must have spent half an hour hanging on. Eventually it was closed. (In the morning I discovered the outside bolt was the problem, having slid out and stopping the door being able to be shut.)

More booms.

A mouse came out, completely unconcerned, and did a full inventory of my belongings. No point in thinking about that.

Or anything much.

With the booms diminishing it was time for sleep.

Now that was eventful, for a non-eventful type of day.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Newton Range Bivvy

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