Wire Yards Hut | Oteake Conservation Park

A lovely presence on a tussock landscape that is seldom used due to the better amenity at Ida Railway Hut not far away.

The old 1934 musterers’ hut was built from materials packed in by mules. Was renovated in 2016 with good bunks and benches installed. The dirt floor remains and it is still unlined and uninsulated. The open fire chimney gives good ventilation, but there’s no firewood for kilometres around.

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category . . . basic huts/bivvies

hut fee . . . free

elevation . . . 1545 m

bunks . . . 4 mattresses on two sleeping platforms

built . . . 1934, renovated 2016

heating . . . open fire. Bring your own wood as there is none around

water . . . 300 m walk down track to small flowing rivulet across the track, or across the contour in tussock to stream below to the south

toilet . . . none

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