Big Hut | Rock and Pillar Conservation Area

Built in 1946 as a ski club effort it sits in the shelter of two tall schist tors. Yeah, it’s big, designed for 70 visitors although fewer are allowed these days due to the fire risk. Big kitchen and the huge main living room has a ping-pong table. Building regulations require more than 10 visitors to have a fire warden.

The management and maintenance of the hut was taken over by the Rock and Pillar Hut Trust to prevent DOC from demolishing it. You are permitted to stay and there is an honesty box for the $12 per person charge.

The exterior was renovated in 2006 with work now started on the interior. Plenty more to do.

Water is from a water tank that may freeze during winter when it is used by ski tourers, despite the lack of heating.

The development of Coronet Peak in the early 1950s meant use rapidly dwindled as fewer were enthusiastic about carrying the usual gear, food as well as skis, up the 1000 m from the car park.

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category . . . owned by Rock and Pillar Hut Trust

hut fee . . . $12 per person per night, or $7 if 12 years or under

elevation . . . 1325 m

bunks . . . 20 mattresses on platforms in two bunkrooms. Has room for 48 in total. Limit of 16 people if no hut warden present. 25 if present

built . . . 1946, renovated 2003—2012

heating . . . none

water . . . rainwater tank near front door, or rivulet 80 m down the track each way

toilet . . . 2 x longdrop

note . . . has an explicit No Candles policy due to the risk of fire damage

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