No blue sky this morning. Full cloud first thing, with the possibility of showers later on.

Mostly it was just dull overcast as I plodded my way down to the Lost Stream junction with the Branch River. Easy walking, although plenty of conifers along the way.

Wasn’t even 10 30 am when I found myself popping my camera into a waterproof section of my pack to cross the Branch River. Just as well as it was over knee-deep, and while clear running, flowing swiftly enough to be thankful for the grey stones underfoot, not the brown greasy ones seen elsewhere.

Then it was the slow traipse up Lost Stream. Quite a different style of valley. Not as wide, or with so many easy stretches.

Most of the time I was sidling high above the stream, deep in the forest with not much in the way of views to the mountains. The highlight was reaching a truly beautiful fan waterfall of not excessive height, ie, around 8 or 10 m.

Soon after it flattened out considerably, and the track more closely followed the stream. By this time there was a very light drizzle, quite the change from yesterday.

I’m not keen on the rivers getting up, as I need to cross Lost Stream down the hill, and the Branch River at Siberia Hut.

The bivvy turned out to be tinier than Branch Bivvy, or at least even more gymnastics required to access the bunk. At least I could leave my pack on the comparatively large porch.

I’d spent quite a bit of time investigating some orchids on the way up, and had no compunction, with the rain starting to fall, to take to my bunk and read some more book.

Strangely, if I head back down tomorrow I will be back on schedule.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Lost Stream Bivvy

While there is a rainwater tank, it is flowing down at the stream.  |  Lost Stream Bivvy, Branch River, Marlborough
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