Lost Stream Bivvy, Leatham Conservation Area

Apparently, this tiny bivvy was relocated from the other side of the Raglan Range more than 20 years ago, and had a porch built that almost doubled the size. Just as well, because the interior is compact. At least you can leave your pack on the porch. Tall trampers may find the bunks not as expansive as they may like, and even dressing may be awkward due to the confinement.

The climb to the bivvy is often high above the stream, but once the super attractive fan waterfall is reached, the track is entirely gorgeous. It’s worth proceeding to the top of the clearing to the old dear cullers camp to appreciate the grandiose scenery.

Of course, the selling point is the oven. Bring your flour and egg, and surprise people with a freshly baked cake! Don’t think a venison leg would quite fit in.

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category . . . basic hut

hut fee . . . free

elevation . . . 1325 m

bunks . . . 2 mattresses in bunk

built . . . relocated 1990s from elsewhere, and extended with the verandah

heating . . . wood burner with oven

water . . . rainwater from a barrel, but safer to get from stream 100 m away and down the bank. Has decent bucket

toilet . . . longdrop

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