I woke early and heard the 5 am radio news. Weather forecast: fine and hot.

We sat talking some more while getting through breakfast.

I had a sudden thought. I didn’t need to move on for Day 6.

Time for a rest day.

My body was recommending some lack of action to my brain.

The others packed up and departed.

I washed some clothes, myself, and had a shave. Just as well, as I was heading towards a similarity to Santa Claus, albeit dressed in blue.

Following that, 10 years of my life seem to be peeled away.

I drank more coffee, read a book I found in the hut, lazed around, and on occasion went out in my clean underwear to pull out conifers until the sandflies suggested I find another occupation, preferably inside the hut.

And, as predicted, it was hot.

The hut is square-shaped and overlooks the junction of the Branch River and Misery Stream, with an excellent view downstream.

Not a bad place to spend some time stationary.

I’ll be good to go tomorrow morning.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Bottom Misery Hut

Bottom Misery Hut is right on the junction of the Branch River and Misery Stream.  |  Bottom Misery Hut, Branch River, Marlborough
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