What a glorious start to the day!!

Not a cloud, and I was astonished by the setting. Huge cliffs to Mt Hopeless directly to the east. Tarns just below the hut.

The murky ridge I’d walked in last night now fully on show.

I popped up to watch the sunrise but being before 5 30 am I retreated to bed for some more replenishment of my body energy.

I considered another night and a day of not much, but the weather forecast for the next week suggested I should spend a rest day at Nardoo Hut due to rain. That might sound overly pragmatic, but I’m only at the start of this expedition. I shouldn’t take rest days so early in the piece.

So, after some contemplating the view from the open door I finally left just after 10 am.

Destination Tiraumea Hut.

It was a kind of down, and up, and down day.

I sat on the edge of the drop, and contemplated Lake Rotoroa from my vantage point 1050 m directly above. It was certainly beautiful. No civilisation in sight, other than a few grassy fields at least 15 km away.

A perfect morning.

Then it was down in a hurry, somewhat easier than yesterday’s up.

When I made it to the jetty for a well-earned drink I realised I no longer had my raincoat with me. My bright yellow parka had been sort of on the outside of my pack, under the lid.

Man, do I have to go back up the hill?

No matter, it shouldn’t be far. I had to push my way through regrowth down near the bottom. It should be there. Due to the bright yellow colour it should be easy to spot.

Nope, it wasn’t low.

I kept on climbing, this was easier without my pack.

And I wondered if it was yesterday that I had my coat on the outside of the pack, and that it was now buried deeper and I hadn’t seen it. Now I’m not sure, but I might as well keep going until 5 pm. Maybe it was in my pack after all, and this was just fruitless exercise. Then again, if it wasn’t, I didn’t want to climb up here a third time in three days.

Man, I’m now over halfway back up.

Just before 5 pm up at 996 m I spotted it lying directly on the track. Now just 550 m to go down again.

This was like a long-running nightmare, having slid in the greasy conditions with my pack, and scratched up my arm.

Anyway I survived okay.

Now not sufficient daylight, or personal energy to make Tiraumea Hut.

My short day was ridiculously truncated in the end in actual distance from A to B.

I found a decent camping site by the D’Urville River. And it was out with my tent.

But yet, I’m glad I went up Mt Misery. In retrospect it seems it was worth the effort. Yeah, always better in retrospect.

I really do need to learn to stow my items better. With the tide going down in my pack that should be more easily achieved.

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