I had spent the night extremely comfortable in the confines of my tent, but just after the 6 am news and weather report it started lightly raining.

I very speedily packed up and moved to the hut where our discussion continued. I knew it was a relatively easy day. The trail from Paske Hut had taken them six hours the day before.

Wasn’t long before my coat was off and the sunscreen on, although it was not quite as cloudless as some of the previous days.

The route down the Paske River is a cattle route, and they are bringing more up next week for a few months summer grazing. That does not make it easy with the pock-marked surface, particularly when damp.

Much of the trail was open grassland, through a few matagouri stands.

In contrast, up the Begley River was a beautifully cut track in the forest, mostly.

No surprise Begley Hut was empty. That is the usual case. Only the other two, and me there in the last month.

Went for a quick recce while my dinner cooked/cooled, and found a note scratched on a Permolat arrow up by the creek that points out Connors Saddle, unnamed on the map, but at the head of the creek.

Looks like it’s a 700 m in length bash up the true left side of the creek on an unmarked, fairly overgrown route. The other side of the saddle is on an official DOC track through the forest, well, when you get down to the trees.

I’m feeling a little foot sore to be honest. My bones are a little weary.

But there’s just one energetic day to deal with tomorrow. Then it’s back to civilisation for a week or so to recover before embarking on my next Little Adventure.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Begley Hut

You are not likely to walk past. | Begley Hut, Begley River
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