In marked contrast to yesterday no early rising or start was anticipated, or necessary.

Cloudy around the tops first thing, so I had picked my day to clamber over Three Tarn Pass.

Instead, hut sitting was in order once I emerged from the confines of my tent, and it didn’t take long for the others to pack, clean up, and move on.

Suddenly quiet.

Just the twitter of real birds, and the rustle of the nearby stream.

It’s only four hours on to Christopher Hut, so no particular urgency was required.

Ada Pass Hut is a beautiful spot, with a view right up the West Mariua River branch towards yesterday’s pass.

Now just 2.5 days of easier walking before all that comes after Lake Tennyson.

Eventually, nearer lunchtime, I was away.

The clouds were low, and then it started drizzling.

Three women came through the other way, individually, in varying degrees of haste. I also encountered a Spanish couple with their three-year-old boy who was enjoying his adventure.

The major sight of the day, other than the south face of Gloriana where only the lower slopes were visible, was a pair of Paradise ducks with five ducklings of the extraordinarily cute variety, barely the size of a fist, and totally fluffy with their first feathers.

Meanwhile the forest is making a strong comeback under the canopy, now the cows have been removed for about ten years, and the effect of helicopter deer shooting in removing other browsing herbivores.

Tonight I’m in the hut, up on the top bunk.

Last night in my tent was okay, a fine night, but it is looking quite gloomy now.

Probably be in my tent for the next two nights, so better make the most of the mattress on offer.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Christopher Hut

Christopher Hut, St James Walkway
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