Rain in the morning meant no prospect of getting up to Sefton Bivvy.

Instead, I packed up in the dark with the saturated tent stuffed in the loaded-up boot of the car.

Breakfast at Tekapo, and while perusing the map located a DOC hut up the back of Fairlie that would make a good day walk if the weather permitted.

It was showery at the car park, but a mountain bike rider who had just been to the hut, it now being lunchtime, was enthusiastic. Then three others turned up in a four-wheel-drive, then decided to drive another 300 m, because, well, they could.

They were out of sight by the time I walked up there.

Somewhat soggy underfoot.

I was surprised to find I climbed over a low saddle on my way, with wind channelling along at a terrific rate, just about blowing me over on occasion.

Spur Hut was well worth visiting, but I thought I’d better hightail it back to the car and to a Geraldine cabin for the night to dry out all my gear and charge batteries.

More showers.

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