Early once again, but a slow start.

It does take a while to organise food for maybe 10 days from the boot of your car.

Again it was lunchtime by the time I was at the Te Araroa car park, where you leave two-wheel drive cars, but the day was now looking good, even if the wind was doing its thing.

Eight years ago, I crossed the track and the Rangatata River here on my way north on Te Araroa and it looked entirely familiar. Even those poplars not far away that I camped under for a night rather than share Crooked Spur Hut with the Sobos.

My pack felt solid, but it had been a while since I’d carried so much.

I was heading for Dog Kennel Bivvy, but up at the start of the gorge, I suddenly thought why not just camp and walk up without my pack in the morning?

I needed to get to Growler Hut tomorrow to wait out some poor weather that had been forecast.

With the tent up I realised how tired my body was, so I called this a semi-rest day. I can’t always keep on the move in the same way as the last few weeks since I ventured into Oteake Conservation Park.

But I’m gonna have to zip around once the downpour subsides the day after tomorrow.

It might be an early night once again. I could get used to them.

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