After a couple of big days in the Ahuriri River Valley, I had a night in a bed in Twizel where I charged my batteries, washed myself, and essential clothes—and experienced some normal conversation that has been in short supply this summer.

A couple of nights in well peopled Aoraki should be sufficient before my brain cries out for solitude and sanity.

For some reason, I decided to visit Baikie Hut, which was not far out of the way and not often visited except those on mountain bikes. 9 km each way, which took longer than I had envisaged due to an excessive lunch break at the old, 1948, hut.

On my way back over the plain, I entertained myself by decapitating some trackside pines taking over the Mackenzie country.

It turned out to be a 20 km day.

Then off to claim a decent Aoraki campsite, and Eureka, I found one with a picnic table.

That helped with my ageing back.


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