The day turned out more energetic than anticipated.

An early start, 7 30 am or so, to climb 1000 m to Mueller Hut.

I must be getting fitter as I kept up with the 20-somethings, although a couple passed me at some pace. You climb 600 m up to Sealy Tarns on a decent if steep track, with plenty of timber steps, but the following 400 m climb is boulder hopping and having to choose the path of least resistance. Fortunately, that’s something I’ve had some experience with.

One exuberant guy at the hut announced it had taken him 1 hour 40 minutes, but I didn’t broadcast my 2 hours 30 minutes. My wool T-shirt was sweat-soaked despite cool overcast conditions.

Back down the hill for lunch, and then I went in search of Hooker Hut, which turned out not to be advertised by signage. That made finding it a task, but I knew the rough location and had noticed a stray orange triangle on the way up Hooker Lake. A track that may have been up to Sefton Bivvy meandered alongside the creek, then cut back to the hut.

I was told they need a discrete track as 800 K people walk up to the lake a year.

My steps app claimed I had been in motion for more than seven hours, much of which was up and down the steep hill.

Some rain fell before I dropped off to sleep.

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