Back again after a lackadaisical day in the sun.

Fog early on and I sat in the hut for a while reading some of the massive pile of hut literature. Well, the parts not devoted to killing herbivores.

The sun eventually came out.

I drank a second cup of coffee down by the still raging Clarence River so it was 10 am before I set off for Quail Flat and the 1860s original homestead. I had a look around and ate lunch at the picnic table in the full sun. That was something new, particularly with the lack of wind.

Then it was up and over the greasy track to Seymour Stream, chasing sheep up the steep slopes for a short distance. Warm enough to have my sleeves rolled up.

The first crossing of the stream was the most difficult. The narrow channel had the full flow, but I put all my tech gear into a waterproof bag deep in my pack. My walking pole was twanging away musically, but I shuffled across side on, as usual, the water level just under my kneecaps. Sufficient force to not want it any higher.

From there I alternated between stretches of gravel farm road that seemed surprisingly steep, and regular sock rinsing.

Made the diversion to visit Black Spur Slab Hut which is not really habitable, but may be a step up from Willows Hut a few nights before.

By 4 pm I was at the door of Warden Hut, nicely heated by the streaming sunlight.

Not a cloud in the blue sky as the sun went down. The temperature followed.

Time for another early night to ensure an early start for my last day, as I launch off to the Kohutara car park and civilisation beyond.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Warden Hut

Warden Hut is very close to the road into the Muzzle leasehold. | Warden Hut, Seymour Stream
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