The cloud was high early on, like pre-7 am, but an hour later it was raining again. Seems there was a lull between about 4 and 8 am, just to get my mind thinking about options.

The obvious option now: in bed with a thick book.

I could cope with the day reading a thriller.

The rain continued to fall heavily for the second day. My body appreciated the respite from continuing rigorous exercise.

I had a minor worry about possible flooding, having once waded for a while with cold water over my knees on the walkway elevated over the Chocolate Swamp. Somehow I think the long rushes and flax, etc, indicated where the boardwalk pointed. Then a flooded section in manuka, culminating in crossing the creek called Scott Burn on a bridge can also be flooded with slow-moving water. The handrail then shows where to cross.

Sparingly listened to the radio, wanting to eke out my solitary battery that’s still going.

Confession here: the rain was starting to get to me.

On one hand, I could potentially walk to Freshwater tomorrow and walk out to Oban the next day. Two huge days.

On the other, I would still like to detour to Freds Camp Hut. That would add another three days, plus possibly another night at North Arm.


Anyway, the rain stopped after 5 pm, so I made my way down to the beach and grabbed firewood. The sky was fantastic with a slightly golden glow to the gloom.

Now, later, it’s raining again. If it rains tomorrow I’ll have to stay Masons, or the Homestead Hunters Hut because of my flooding concerns.

I’d like 12 hours drainage if possible.

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