Early on a grey wall of weather approached from the west at considerable velocity.

I continued packing up as the first wave of rain came through but you can’t just sit around in NZ waiting for better conditions. In any case, if you are prepared, ie, long-sleeved woollen singlet, vest done up and raincoat over, overtrou on, and a heavyweight beanie, it often doesn’t seem so bad out in the weather.

It’s cooler today and those showers did keep coming.

Highlights of the walk were numerous: six kiwis spotted, although the first two sightings may have been the same, only 400 m apart; two kiwis chasing each other around comically, but I guess to them they might not see the humour; the last kiwi seemed both blind and deaf to my presence, stay stationery and they just continue on with their Wednesday morning tasks. Actually, neither they nor I care what day it is, just happy enough being out here. From near the old Long Harry hut site, the view back to the new hut was somewhat bleak, but lounging and playing around was a frollicking seal in the heaving seas, doing some backstroke despite the turbulence of the ocean.

The view of the Ruggedy Island is always inspiring, about halfway on the North West Circuit, about as far away from civilisation as it’s possible to get by foot in NZ, the wind smacking in your face.

That fantastic view, it always comes as such a surprise, is as exciting as any views around, partly because of the effort expended in getting around here.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: East Ruggedy Hut

East Ruggedy Hut, North-west Circuit, Stewart Island
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