Seems it’s going to be fine, that means showers, but cooler and less windy.

Of these the drop in wind is most appreciated, those blasts sure amplify the effects of the precipitation and cold.

As a full-time glasses wearer, taken off for sleep, except when dog tired, my weeping eyes add to the general step placement issue, in this landscape where steep slopes, continual tree roots and those occasional deep, slimy mud pools are the way of life.

Good views today of where I’m going, I stop at one lookout about 10 am. Gee, that Mason Bay is some way off and those are tomorrow’s hills vaguely in the distance.

Very quiet with no wind, even the breakers sound no longer carries, there’s always a few birds, just my breathing and clump of foot and the occasional tweet.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Mason Bay Hut

Mason Bay Hut, North-west Circuit, Stewart Island
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