Cold? Yup!

Big frost outside and no surprise the water tank was frozen.

Being clever, I wandered down to the boat landing area to get some water from the river, but not being smart, my toes being in my solitary footwear, jandals, were feeling the cold once they went into some non-frozen swamp along the way.

I had the Yukon cranked up with the manuka first thing. Someone has donated a great handsaw here that has not yet been blunted or rusted up, and manuka lends itself to slicing up. It’s also one of the best firewood with plenty of heat generation.

That was useful when I heated some river water to thaw the tap, and I used rainwater for breakfast rather than the tannic brine from the river. Once my river water was heated the application to the pipes and fittings hastened the flow of rainwater from the tank.

Early on while taking a few photos of the hut I made the acquaintance of a very cold-looking rat, hunched up like a 100-year-old, and didn’t notice me. I don’t mind them staying outside, but would prefer if they exhibited the same desires.

After a late lie in reading, my wander down to the river that must’ve taken half an hour, and plenty of sawing of firewood, it was almost lunchtime by the time I had breakfast. The day’s meals came in rapid succession.

I bailed on climbing Rakeahua as I’ve been up previously and it clouded over with plenty of wind, showers, and deep chill.

Instead, it was a more contemplative day, and sawing a stack of wood was sufficient for me to feel I’d earned dinner.

An early start was required for the morning, so I slid into my sleeping bag while still some daylight could be made out.

Meanwhile, the rain came down.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Rakeahua Hut

Rakeahua Hut, Southern Circuit, Stewart Island
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