Rain. Rain. Rain.

Not the heavy drop type. Just the fine droplet style that didn’t appear much, but was of a fully wetting kind.

No thought of going over the range today. No surprise, rain had been predicted for today on the mountain weather forecast a few days before.

Actually it rained on and off most of the day.

The dry riverbed had some flow of a rather grey consistency. I could filter it with my coffee filters if it didn’t settle out. Good theory but that did not actually work.

The goats stayed in the forest for the most part.

Otherwise it was quiet, although I could get radio reception on my little transistor radio. I had a book to read. My body was happy not moving once again.

I fully reconciled my food supplies — 14 days without fully starving. I had found I didn’t need quite as much rice or porridge in each meal as I had originally allocated.

Just as well, because my progress has come to complete stand still.

About five pm the showers stopped but it still looked bleak.

I went out for a look at the Ferny Gair ridge, my route for tomorrow, but it was densely shrouded in cloud. It’s now supposed to clear.

Fingers crossed.

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