A quiet last evening camped out at my endpoint of the trail with an unexpected visitor at close range: lying in my tent with eyes shut I sensed something else living was about and found a stray dingo just trotting past not 3 m away.

This morning breakfast was scoffed with full on serenity down on the edge of the waterhole, no one else up, at least to start with, there’s maybe ten other groups, most in 4WDs, or camper vans, camped 400 m away.

As expected it was easy to cruise back into town, one lift a k down to the T intersection at the main road, I’d walked most of the way, then a bit of a wait for some traffic but soon I was zooming along in a white Toyota Troopie, thanks Ann for going so far out of your way, 40 km or so.

There’s a bit or organise for the next stage of my eastward travels to Boulia, ie, Queensland but at least I’ll be doing it sitting down on my bicycle, not lugging it all on my back.

It’s been an almost two week taste of the Outback once again, on foot for a change of pace, I’m raring to go, just need to pack the full caboodle spread over Brent’s lounge room floor.

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