Plenty of bird song in the early morning, dawn slow to start now autumn’s in full swing, even a few Port Lincoln ringneck parrots, budgies, etc.

During the day zebra finches, bright red beaks, with some zebra on the folded wings, predominate, I flush out some native quail type species almost standing on them, later, a black kite, alone, sings an anxious note as if searching for a lost mate. Aren’t we all.

The rain five weeks ago has created a landscape in full bloom, plenty of food out here, the buffel grass overladen with seeds, even a stray dingo’s early morning howl.

Highlight of the day: the frog plague at Spring Gap.

The pond was too small to contain fish to eat the tadpoles so when I went down to the water each footstep had an explosion of five or so little fingernail sized frogs, remarkably camouflaged, ricocheting off in all directions.

There were hundreds of the minute leaping critters, I beat a slow retreat.

6 50 pm, almost pitch dark.

27º C.

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