The intention with going into the hills for a getaway is to have a moderate level of exercise, then kick back in the evenings to enjoy the surroundings.

Well, I over achieved yesterday. My exercise quotient was well exceeded. It was a relief to arrive at Nina Hut.

I prepared two nights of couscous-based dinners. Last night I was relying on some leftovers from my Labour Weekend trip into the Pelorus. I remembered I had been a little queasy after one of the dehy meals back then.

Unfortunately the same experience re-emerged with significantly more of an issue. I ended up relieving myself of my dinner in the middle of the night, feedind the local birdlife. Seemed to calm things down sufficiently. After that a good nights sleep was had.

In the morning I managed to make my usual coffee or two.

No time getting away with my pack so empty. It didn’t seem nearly as far in the downhill direction, even though little elevation was actually lost.

Just a pleasant morning wandering through the beech forest.

Sun out. Cloudless sky. Surprisingly warm.

I hoped that was a premonition of my imminent summer of activity. Last year was damp, if not wet. I suffered five super heavy downpours, starting with Day 2 over on the Whitcombe River. I don’t need a repeat of that.

The swingbridge came up surprisingly quickly. That crossed a short rocky gorge with the river a remarkable green colour. Warm enough to swim, but I had other places I’d rather be.

A couple of fishermen were peering into the Nina River and failed to notice me scooting past not so far away.

At the swing bridge over the Lewis River, just a couple of hundred paces from my car stashed next to Palmer Lodge, I ran into a guy who was off to check out the Kiwi family that lived in close proximity to Nina Hut. They must have radio beacons as he had a portable direction finder strapped to his pack.

Yeah, look like this preamble summer ramble was all over.

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