Umm, a slow start after a poor night’s sleep.

I was clearly dehydrated and ended up with cramp in my sleeping bag. Entirely uncomfortable.

So I had a slow walk over the hills, despite it being much easier today with the rounded nature of the ridge.

The weather was great so I didn’t feel was much reason to scurry.

I could look way back to Nugget Knob and a lot of in between.

The ridge abruptly ends on Point 1442, and in a direct line to Nugget is about seven or eight kilometres, it’s just all the ups and downs, and walking along some bony rock that takes the time.

On a good day, or an outstanding day like both today and yesterday has been, it is an absolute thrill to be up there on the top of the world, no hint of civilisation in the field of view, just wave after wave of ridges off into the distance, with one of the features a huge limestone cliff with a load of fallen rocks of sizes varying from small downtown buildings to just your standard house able to be discerned.

Some familiar places stand out, Mt Kendall, 1771 m, just west of Trevor Carter Hut, Mt Owen, 1875 m, is now not foreshortened and I can see the expensive area up towards the top which was used in Lord of the Rings, and most prominent, and fearsome looking is Mt Patriarch, 1701 m, from a few days ago, the ridge I walked down to Kiwi Saddle Hut readily apparent.

Also from Point 1442 the entire wide, smashed up Matiri River valley comes into view, with Lake Jeanette looking depleted of water but with plenty of greenery around.

On a poor day, with bad weather, rain, wind or just being in the cloud would be less fun, if not entirely unpleasant.

I’m just happy that I can sit up there for a good while, taking it all in.

As usual with me these days The Destination is not so important, it’s appreciation, making the most of this opportunity of the coincidence of outstanding location, perfect weather, and magnificent views.

But it has had energy expenditure to get here, it would take the companionship of a very fine woman to get me to return.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Hurricane Hut

The hut is close to the river. | Hurricane Hut, Matiri River, Kahurangi National Park
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