Thunder and lightning in the night.

And, at times, plenty of downpour.

The large pot I put outside before I went to bed was full in the morning, more than 120 mm of rain had fallen. I suspected considerably more.

The river was now way up, all the sand from yesterday was well covered, although the river looked sand coloured, and churning.

I was in no hurry.

Some cups of coffee, finish my book, I’ll donate it to the hut.

It’s not the biggest day, just 3 km around to Specimen Hut, generally on the level. I can cope with that, I’m needing a couple of days of easy walking.

I spend some time looking at the power of the Mokihinui.

I’ve booked and already paid my $30 for a night at Specimen so I might as well stay.

There’s a quiet time as I have the place to myself, well, before five cyclists roll in. They are older than some of the others seen, around my age, taking three nights, ie, taking their time, occasionally walking the bike, unlike those more youthful types who pride themselves on riding the lot.

The hut is perched just at the beginning of a dramatic gorge in the Mokihinui River, this would have all been flooded with that proposed dam.

After the last two nights on my lonesome it should be a good night with some company and conversation.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Specimen Point Hut

Let's have some unnecessary steps to get into the hut. | Specimen Point Hut, Mohikinui Ecological Area
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