Specimen Point Hut | Kahurangi National Park

Specimen Point Hut has a magnificent location in the Mohikinui River Gorge, and you can even see the view out the windows from the living area.

On the other hand, it lacks bench space, and what’s with bunk space on a windowless veranda? More crazy steps to get into the hut.

Just don’t get this hut design.

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category . . . private hut, constructed and managed by /Mokihinui-Lyell Backcountry Trust

hut fee . . . flat price of $160 per adult person, $70 child, covers 1—4 nights stay on the Old Ghost Road, as long as you stay in different huts.

winter hut rate . . . stays beginning during winter months (June, July and August) will be priced at a flat rate of $100 per adult and $50 per child.

camping . . . flat price of $50 per tent site, can accommodate 2 people, covers 1—4 nights stay, as long as you stay outside different huts. Not supposed to use inside hut facilities but can use toilet and water tank.

in and out . . . Book one night only at Specimen Point. For single-night return trips only. This option is not intended for those traversing more/all of the trail. $40 per person in hut, $90 for sleepout for four people, $25 for tent site.

booking . . . required. Book online

Book in and out

elevation . . . 110 m

bunks . . . 14 mattresses, 4 in each of two alcoves off main room, 6 in bunkroom

camping . . . 1 campsite. Not supposed to use hut facilities other than toilet and water tank

built . . . 2012

heating . . . woodburner, firewood supplied

water . . . tap above sink from rainwater tank

facilities . . . A rain-fed water supply (from the hut roof), internal sink, cutlery, crockery, cooking pots, gas cooktops, a frying pan, kettle and a coffee plunger, communal living area, wood stove, outside composting toilet, bike storage, and a bike repair station.

toilet . . . longdrop

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