Guess I could have marched out but I still have provisions, the huts are comfortable, and New Year’s Eve is probably not the best day to be hitching.

I have a cozy two bunk hut to myself, but can choose, mostly, to socialise and still benefit from the more capacious hut immediately adjacent.

The weather forecast is grim, heavy rain later in the day, and I’m hoping it will be all cleared by the time I want to finally vacate the premises tomorrow morning.

Three nights here has been stretching it but I’ve found enough to do, writing the trip up and reading a huge book found here.

Also another evening of conversation with the older members of the six-member family, four school age children in for the night.

By lunchtime the others, plus two Israelis long departed, the mizzle starts, low cloud descends.

The West Coast in full summer gloom.

I watch sodden wekas stalking about until they also have enough of the weather.

I sit behind the double glazed windows drinking hot spicy tomato soup. By 3 pm the rain was really coming down.

Another family arrives but is more self-contained. The new team has a recent weather forecast: heavy rain tonight, clearing by lunchtime tomorrow.

I retire early to my accommodation. Slip into that damp sleeping bag to keep warm.

Rain, rain, rain.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Cedar Flats Historic Hut

The old 1958 hut stands out . | Cedar Flats Historic Hut, Toaroha River, West Coast
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The historic hut is right next to the much bigger and light filled “new hut”: Cedar Flats Hut

The original hut was majorly extended recently, and totally upgraded. | Cedar Flats Hut, Toaroha River, West Coast
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