Good visibility in the morning. Mount Reeves, 1779 m, was on show but as the sun came over the ridge mist/cloud appeared and swirled around and direct sunlight was more sporadic.

My major concern was that it didn’t continue to rain heavily and for Zit Creek to really get up. I suppose I could have stayed yet another night but I was thinking I might manage a day trip up to one of the huts at some stage over the next few days. And I need a day to have a shave and tidy myself up as I am in the last hut prior to civilisation.

Once again the drop down from the hut was on the steepish side, but the worst area, through the flax layer around 900 m had been cut in April 2016.

Zit Stream was shorts washing deep but easily enough forded. It definitely would be a significant issue after rain. There is a small length of gorge immediately after Median Creek where the schist was well polished by the action of the water. And a high flying swingbridge right over the chasm.

Suddenly there were the big mountain cedars of Cedar Flat.

And the first humans encountered for almost two weeks, well, since early on Day 1, four teenaged guys, who seemed to be travelling together. Fortunately there are two adjacent huts so I was not obliged to witness most of their shenanigans.

I’m lodged in the older two bunk version although I am entirely social. The boys make themselves busy preparing an outdoor bonfire, a couple of days early for the New Year.

I note there have been a couple of other adventurous parties cruising through Cedar Flats while I had been up at Keats Ridge. One group heading to Mungo Hut and over to Canterbury, and others over Zit Saddle on the very wet day.

I’m happy. This trip is just about done. It’s only four hours out to the road. I’ll just have to be having an early start.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Cedar Flats Historic Hut

The old 1958 hut stands out . | Cedar Flats Historic Hut, Toaroha River, West Coast
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The historic hut is right next to the much bigger and light filled “new hut”: Cedar Flats Hut

The original hut was majorly extended recently, and totally upgraded. | Cedar Flats Hut, Toaroha River, West Coast
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