Christmas Day 2022.

No wind. Blue skies.

The best morning since I launched this summer’s round of Little Adventures.

A slow start as I watched the shadows disappear from the landscape.

A few rounds of coffee, observing the swallows on their circuits around the hut. And bumblebees with their eccentric flight paths.

Not a big day wandering down Seymour Stream with its nine crossings.

A New Zealand falcon circled the hut a few times, but the more manoeuvrable swallows harassed it away.

Last night I was so tired from lugging my pack over the hill that I went straight to sleep for the longest time horizontal that I remember.

My 27,000 steps yesterday turned out to be my 42nd best day out from around 1200 days I’ve been counting.

No Internet for at least the following week.

No hurry today.

No worries.

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A guide to the night’s accommodation: Forbes Hut

The hut is on a river terrace some distance from the river. | Forbes Hut (renamed Seymour Hut), Clarence River
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