A 10-hour sleep, and that was after an hour’s afternoon nap yesterday.

Cool and cloudy first thing, but what do I care about the weather?

Just the 600 m hobble up to the top of Blind Saddle.

Never again, I thought to myself, but I’ve said that before. Plenty of strenuous effort was required in the last almost two weeks, and my body was letting me know.

My knee felt okay on the way up, but as soon as I started to descend, the pain started biting. Not good. I was seriously hobbling.

Then, out of nowhere, a four-wheel drive appeared. I asked for a lift, some rearrangement was achieved, and I had a comfortable ride down the hill to my car. Seldom have I been more appreciative of car travel.

Time for reconnection with civilisation, showers, fresh food, and conversation with random strangers.

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