I was packing early for once, and waited for a squall to pass.

It was total gloom with mist everywhere, but apparently it was going to be clearing by afternoon. The tide was right out, and that was useful.

More rounded boulders that I always find slow going, and hindered speedy progress.

Eventually I was on some gravel at Ryans Creek beach.

A few more showers came through.

The creek was up a bit, and my feet were wet once again.

The story of this trip.

The story of my summer.

Mostly gloom and wet feet.

Despite those observations the coastline is remarkably attractive. Waves crashing in.

Just keep plodding on.

It’s what others would call a challenge. Some may prefer the term “ordeal”.

I’m okay, but the wetness is a serious detractor. I’m quite cold.

I stopped for an early lunch, and happened across what must be one of Robert’s shelters. About 20 tarpaulins stretched out in the cathedral-like structure. In the middle a mozzie net, two enormous closed cell foam sheets.

With rain now pelting in I decided to stay for a while and warmup, and that meant getting out of my sodden clothes.

Best just to slide in my sleeping bag. A short sleep ensued.

If it’s before 3 pm I’ll move onto Hacket River, I thought.

I checked the time: 6 20 pm. I guess I’m staying.

Not so short I guess. Now I might as well stay for the night.

Patches of blue sky were observable, but now the wind was really up, not the calm of the morning.

So, I didn’t get so far today. Try for another early start tomorrow, and hope for some gravelly or sandy beaches to make some progress.

I’m just using up some spare Big Bay Hut days.

I might only stay a single night now, but that doesn’t really matter as I once stayed there five nights.

This campsite is much more spacious than my tent with the huge mozzie net, 2 × 2 × 2 m. Great find.

One issue I noted was with the king tide there wasn’t much beach to walk on with all the timber debris up on the tideline. Better get moving early to make the most of the expansive beach.

No rain predicted for the next 2 and a bit days.


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