Five nights!!

Well, the weather hasn’t been the best, but the reality is the merits of the location and accommodation.

I’ve spent an hour or two each day disturbing Robert’s routine while discussing all things outdoor that are of mutual interest. I feel I have a reasonable picture of the area, without having to smash around in this scrubbery myself. His daughter has a major interest in the Fiordland crested penguin, for instance. They have mapped the nests from the Hollyford River to Cascade Point. Over 1000 nests, most on the other side of the coastal flax, up in the forest.

We found we had a bit to talk about.

I guess it’s no surprise that only being half an hour’s flight from Queenstown that he often has interesting people dropping in by helicopter for a cuppa for an hour or so, which is how he sells his landscape oil paintings and his stone carvings.

The other main aspect here is the amazing river, and its interaction with the sea at the time of the king tides. Watching ocean created rollers cruise up the river, or the river in flood a few days ago was the raw power of nature in action.

Certainly is a dynamic place.

I’m hoping the weather is settled enough tomorrow to make Hacket River, four hours apparently, or maybe smash it out to Big Bay Hut if camping doesn’t look feasible. I’ll be up early for an assessment.

Yeah, the rain came down last night. Not much during the day, so hopefully that prevails tomorrow.

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