Tiredness delayed my start.

I sat around enjoying summer.

Sometimes it is great just to take a break to enjoy your surroundings rather than marching on.

I’ve generally thought it was important to take the seventh day off when tramping my long excursions, just to let my body recover from major energy expenditure. That wasn’t feasible on this occasion, but an hour or two was a help.

Once I decided Crow Hut was sufficient for the day, I could indulge in some lazing around.

Why not? The campsite was gorgeous, and I had plenty of coffee.

Some water needed to be negotiated to get across the Waimakariri River, but it was just over ankle deep and my boots were already damp from my Poulter River experience two days before. No worries.

It’s a bit of a scramble to get up the Crow River, with plenty of rock hopping on order. Only the one major crossing is required about halfway. As you get towards the top you sidle around at the bottom of a serious potential slip for about 100 m, trying not to look up at all that loose rock precariously held in place by other huge round rocks. One little earthquake and it would all come tumbling down. Best not to dwell on such subjects.

Felt better to be beyond that.

The hut sits on a river terrace in a clearing with big views of the west face of Avalanche Peak to suck up. Three other trampers were lounging in the sunshine having slipped down the famous scree descent. That was how I arrived at the hut the last time, ie, via Avalanche Peak that is a direct climb from Arthurs Pass village.

New 12 bunk hut. New people.

I enjoyed some conversation and cooked up my dehydrated dinner. Actually, I had a little bag of nuts to enjoy while I joined them on the deck.

Call me antisocial, but I just love my new tent.

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