One of those great days.

A decent night’s sleep refreshed my weary bones. A big breakfast gave me some get-up and go.

I headed to Arthurs Pass round those sinusoidal corners, enjoying moving, but not using my own legs.

That came to an end.

I left Greyneys Shelter and crossed the calf-deep Bealey River, before the ankle-deep Mingha River. Seems I enjoy starting each tramp these days with wet feet.

A short walk, and it was time for a late lunch.

I’d last been up the Edwards River when I was 18, having been thrown out of the railcar in the pitch dark with a few mates one winter Friday evening. We camped in the rain, and went up to the hut the next day. Sunday afternoon we waited for the railcar return from Arthurs Pass, hiding in the toilet until the conductor lost interest in us.

This time I was more solitary, although a group of four who were leaving stated that another group was ahead of me. No hurry.

I spent the rest of the day wandering along the very up-and-down track.

It was the opposite of Lake Stream, ie, very popular with the track quite smashed out in places.

A section of boulder hopping up the riverbed took some focus. Plenty of climbing up in short ups and downs, with the proportion involving heavy breathing.

The soreness of my limbs from Day 1 and 2 had dissipated after some decent rest, and replenishment of the food department. Maybe it was just adding coffee.

The hut was occupied by five bodies, but we were open to adjusting to strangers wandering in. Very accommodating.

Falling Mountain was highlighted in the late afternoon sun as the focus up the valley.

Another splendid location, this time with some articulate company.

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